Megan L.


I really had fun visiting the Joplin Museum with my friends! I never expected to enjoy going to these kinds of places since it was my first time so I was really surprised to see amazing things in this place. Everything I saw in the museum is beautiful and very artistic which made me think that it would make me an art enthusiast from that day on. It’s so nice to see different types of masterpieces and to explore more about arts so I think I will be visiting this museum again soon. Keep up the good work, Joplin Museum!


Eunice D.


I’ve always been interested in artistic things like paintings and photography. Although I am fond of visiting museums, I’ve never gone to one that has minerals and stone collections before. So the Joplin Museum really caught my attention in a good way. I went there alone last week since I saw they have a free admission that Monday. I didn’t waste the opportunity and immediately came. It was really fun to be in that place even when you are alone so for me, my visit was really worth it and I was satisfied. I saw that their tickets aren’t really expensive and are really affordable which are good since I’d like to visit again next time.


Dean S.


The stones and minerals I saw in this museum were all amazing and beautiful. I always find these things breathtaking so seeing that the Joplin Museum has them is actually a good thing for me. Thanks to my friends who told me about this cool place and I got the chance to see great collections and galleries. The photographs and artworks are really inspiring and fun to see. It makes me want to go back to painting. I really loved this museum because they bring such a good vibe!