Garage door repair is something we have to deal with at some point in the life of our garage door.

Understanding the mechanism of the garage door and its common problems that may encounter with the garage door can make it easy for you to discuss the situation with the technicians when they arrive at your place.  It will also help you to determine what the garage door technician is doing to fix your malfunctioning garage door. In addition to this, you will be able to hire a right and reliable garage door contractor such as garage door repair service in Greenwich, Connecticut to fix the problems of your garage door.  

  • Push the button to see if it works or not: Automatic garage doors come with built-in sensors that feel the presence of any object on its way. If there is a broken hinge or spring, then don’t try to pull the chain of the garage door. There may a problem with the electric garage door opener. In this situation, only a trained and experienced expert can diagnose the problem.
  • There is a running sound but nothing happens: Electric opener can become malfunction with the passage of time, and the gears of openers normally the first part to go.  In case, gears are stripped, they will not support the chain which is responsible for raises and lowers the hatch. To fix the problem, you will have to replace the gears. In another way, there is no other option but to replace the garage door opener.
  • You want to fix the Kick out garage door: You may need to consult an experienced garage door technician who is an expert in dealing with the one-piece garage door, commonly known as a “kick-out” garage door. These are the outdated and traditional versions of garage doors which are very unsafe to fix. For the safer side, you should have it replaced with the modern and safer model. 
  • Hatch making loud sounds: Loud sounds are a common problem. The professional garage door technician will first change the metal rollers with nylon roller to fix the issue. You should demand the low-resistance nylon rollers. They work smoothly and quietly and need low maintenance than traditional ones.
  • Want to upgrade the old model of garage door opener: If you are still using an old model of the opener and you want to replace it. A reliable garage door technician will be able to determine the working condition of your equipment and provide you suggestions on which parts need to be replaced without changing the entire device. However, the old version does not have safety sensors; therefore, it should be exchanged with a newer model. 
  • Rollers are out of tracks and pulling the garage door: It is a very common garage door problem. There are several reasons for this problem. The rollers could be damaged badly and don’t work in a proper way. Sometimes, the tracks have been bent, damaged, or obstructed by something. Sometimes, a large torsion spring over the opening of the garage door is broken and makes the panels pull off the garage door tracks.

At the bottom: One of the most overlooked reasons is when you have accidentally hit the garage door with your car. The damages may look minors but if you left them untreated, it will pull the panels off the tracks. Fortunately, the solution is very simple; the damaged panels can be replaced easily. 

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