Although homeowners feel like they can fix malfunctioning garage doors on their own, this theory proved to be wrong more often than not. Whether it is a clogged toilet, leak pipes, or even an electric issue, you may think that you can these issues without professional help. Fixing a malfunctioning or broken garage door is not an easy task because it is an extremely critical and dangerous process that should be handled by professional garage door experts such as, Dayton Garage Door Pros. Here are a few important details about garage door repair so that you will determine what they are talking about and when you need to hire them.

There are three main parts of the garage door that could need to be fixed. The garage door motor, springs, and garage door itself. The most common garage door repair work is fixing the mechanism that allows your garage door to open and close smoothly. If you are feeling problems with the opening and closing process of the garage door, there are a few important things to check right away.  

First of all, make sure that the garage door opener is plugged in properly. If it is not plugged in then try to use another circuit to ensure that the previous one has not been tripped. Secondly, you need to make sure that the sensors have not been misplaced or bumped or something is not blocking the photo eye of the sensors. These sensors must be pointed at each other to make the garage door functional. Make sure that a red blinking light verifies that they have not been bumped.

Make sure that the metal tracks of your garage door are not dented or clogged so that the garage door goes up and down correctly and the mounting brackets are tightened securely to the walls of the garage. In the last, you will need to inspect the physical condition of the garage door springs. Make sure that springs are tensed properly to aid the garage door in the lifting and lowering process. If one is broken, don’t try to attempt the garage door spring replacement on your own. There is a risk that springs can snap back leaving your garage door to come crashing down on your or your belongings. It is always better to leave this task to professional garage door technicians who have the right experience, expertise, and knowledge for handling it.

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Follow these simple garage door repair instructions to decide whether you need to call a professional garage door repair company. If you have done these important things, it will be better and easier to consult a professional and describe what is going wrong. They will appreciate you knowing what is going on with your garage door. 

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